I have worked with Media Design Services since 1996 – the fact that I still rely on Blake Webster, the owner, to design and implement my website speaks for itself. Blake has a tremendous creative capacity, resulting in my website always being artistically exactly what I envision. There are few people I have worked with as my employees or subcontractors whom I respect and depend on as much as Blake – I just know that no matter what I want done with my website, he will get it done, quickly and totally in line with my visions. I give Media Design Services, Inc. my highest recommendations, and feel absolutely certain that there is no web design or development project that he can't handle with the utmost of professionalism and cost effectiveness!
Lili Goleniewski - LIDO Organization, Petaluma, CA

I really got a lot out of it and thought it was at the right level. It's a complex subject and therefore difficult for beginners, but I think you taught a level just above beginner which seemed just right.
Julie Henig, Sonoma County, CA

Blake is a visionary, who not only has tremendous creative skills in web design, but he is a skilled software engineer; he suggested the programs that would best accomplish the desired look and motion for our site. I have found that their efforts on our SEO program over the past few months have allowed us to receive a high number of concentrated, reliable hits; we are able to compete with our competition in a very affordable and successful manner. It is an honor for me to recommend Media Design Services, Inc. and I am happy to say that Blake Webster is one of the most honest, professional, and creative individuals I have ever known. The company website states: We will walk you through all of the steps necessary to start managing your online presence – you can count on it!
Gary Caimano - Fireworks By Western, Carrier, OK

For the past five years Media Design Services, Inc. has played a major role in developing my company's web presence. Blake Webster, the owner, has exceptional design skills and his knowledge of search engine optimization techniques has propelled my site to the top of search engine listings for my company keywords. My company is now ready to create an online storefront for selling and promoting our radiant concrete solar pool heating products and Media Design Services, Inc. is our first choice for implementing this project. Media Design Services, Inc. is fast, reliable and always available when problems arise. We highly recommend Media Design Services, Inc.
John Hurt - Sunworks Company, Alameda, CA

I've been working with Blake at Media Design for some time now in a number of areas. I've referred clients to him and worked with him on a number of joint projects. His designs are superb, thorough and well put together and above all you can rely on him to give you the correct sort of advice even if you weren't actually asking for it at the time! Reliable and conscientious and always makes sure your back is covered.
Stephen Morgan - Simple Leveraging, United Kingdom

I have worked with Blake at Media Design for approximately 9 years. We’ve redesigned our core website several times, and created multiple other sites to support our activities. Each project has been done timely, cost effective, and has achieved our marketing goals. Blake is always able to come up with cost-effective solutions that other developers would charge a lot for. His customer service is excellent and any issues are resolved quickly. Highly recommend Media Design for web solutions.
Stuart Spencer - Lodi-Woodbridge Winegrape Commission, Lodi, CA

I have some knowledge in web design but was not sure what WordPress was about. Your workshop was educational and answered my questions.
Marcelle Guy, Petaluma, CA

I learned so much new stuff it will take me a while to take it all in. And you reinforced some things I've already worked with. I'm ready for workshop number two.
Patsy Ann Taylor, Napa, CA

You did a terrific job just moving through the material on the handout. You were awesome handling the technical challenges of the day.
Kate Farrell, Santa Rosa, CA