Receive professional high quality WordPress training in your home, office or via telephone.
Our approach is casual and easy to follow for all age groups.

We work with WordPress on a daily basis for our client sites and our own network of 100 plus WordPress sites.

WordPress training is available for:

  • Beginning Users
  • Intermediate Users
  • Advanced Users

Learn how to:

  • Purchase a domain name from GoDaddy
  • Set up a hosting account with HostGator
  • WordPress installation
  • Content Management – Adding Posts, Pages and Categories
  • Media Management – Implementing images and videos
  • Manage Comments and Discussion
  • Manage and Install Plugins
  • Manage User Accounts
  • Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • Installation and modification of new design themes
  • Manage Widgets
  • and much, much more

In addition we will teach you how to work with our recommended plugins.
These plugins will allow you to:

  • Create forms
  • Optimize your content for SEO
  • Develop Sitemaps for the search spiders
  • Implementing Social Media Addons
  • Control Spam
  • and more…..

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